Fertility index: Assessment of patients individual fertility

The female fertility decreases continuously with age. A womans chance to conceive lies approximately at 30 percent per cycle at the age between 20 and 25. In comparison a womens chance to conceive at the age of 35 or older is reduced by 50 % and declines at the age of 40 to about ten percent. After the menopause, the reproductive capacity of the woman has ended.

With help of the fertility index, you can determine your individual fertility and thus the likelyhood to conceive. The calculation is based upon the patients age and other factors - such as body mass index, personal habits (alcohol and coffein consumption) and your physical activities and health. The assessment of your hormonal status and a Follicle measurement by ultrasound can increase the predictability of your fertility index significantly.

The assessment of the individual fertility is considered to be in your personal responsibility. Therefore the costs are not covered by statutory health insurance.






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