Curettage (Abrasio uteri)

Curettage involves removing the entire upper layer of the endometrium (lining of the uterus) under a general anaesthetic as an outpatient procedure. This may be necessary for a number of different reasons. 

A therapeutic indication for curettage may be, for example, if after a spontaneous abortion it is necessary to ensure that there are no traces of the placenta remaining in the uterus that could later lead to inflammations.

A curettage is carried out for diagnostic purposes if cellular changes in the uterine cavity are suspected. In this case a fractional curettage is carried out in which the mucosal lining of the uterus and the cervix are removed separately (in " fractions ") and then examined histologically.

If an abnormal histological finding is allocated to the uterus or to the cervix after a fractional curettage, this will affect subsequent treatment strategy.



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