FetView: Ultrasound documentation and personal baby album

FetView is a programme for the professional medical assessment of ultrasound examinations during a pregnancy. Physicians can store test results via FetView, provide reports and growth curves and exchange them with colleagues.

FetView for our patients: Access to your ultrasound images

If you agree, we can give you a personal password-protected user account with FetView so that you can have access to your ultrasound images. Of course all data is encrypted prior to transfer and is private. This is a free service for our patients.

With your user account, you will be able to see ultrasound images at home on your PC, smartphone or tablet. You can also save, print, copy and e-mail them. You also have the option of viewing examination reports, or displaying them if you change doctors or have to see a doctor on holiday. If you consult a different doctor for a further examination, all data in FetView can be shared with their medical colleagues and the new examination results can be incorporated. Thus a pregnancy receives optimal medical support.

Your baby’s first album

With FetView you can collect and arrange all ultrasound images of your unborn child to create baby’s first album. When your baby has arrived, you can add to the documentation of your pregnancy with a birth report and photos of your new baby. The FetView account remains open after the pregnancy. You can still call up any data at any time. In the event of another pregnancy, the personal documentation can be continued.




More on ultrasound documentation via FetView

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