Pregnancy care: Service catalogue of the statutory health insurance companies

As part of the Pregnancy Guidelines

regular checks of blood, urine, blood pressure, weight and - from 28 weeks onwards - the child's heart sounds.

9 - 12 weeks: first ultrasound examination, blood tests (blood groups, antibodies, rubella titre, syphilis, hepatitis B, HIV if applicable), chlamydia test

19 – 22 weeks: second ultrasound examination

29 - 32 weeks: third ultrasound examination, check of hepatitis B and other antibodies in the blood. Patients whose blood is Rhesus negative are given an injection (anti-D) to prevent any possible illness of the child in the womb.

To be able to provide our pregnant patients with comprehensive antenatal care, we offer additional advisable examinations as an independent health service provider (IGeL) an.





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