Tips for pregnancy

Women who are expecting their first child have many questions about pregnancy. How can I do something good for myself and my baby? What do I have to avoid? What can harm my child? In general, a healthy lifestyle with a balanced diet and regular habits is the best for mother and child.

The following advice is important:

  • Avoid alcoholic drinks!
    Even small quantities of alcohol cross over unfiltered to the child’s body and are extremely harmful to the unborn child.

  • Quit smoking!
    Nicotine leads to a constriction of the blood vessels in the placenta and thus to undernourishment of the child.

  • Only take medication after consulting with your doctor!
    Many medications cross over the placenta with the blood to the unborn child and can harm it.

  • Ensure you eat a balanced and nutritious diet..
    With a healthy mixed diet of vegetables, fruit, wholegrain and milk products, you can cover the increased need for vitamins and minerals during pregnancy.
  • Avoid eating raw meat (such as carpaccio, steak tartare) and raw milk products
    to avoid the risk of a toxoplasmosis infection .
  • Drink plenty!!
    Adequate fluid intake (2–3 L daily) reduces the risk of urinary tract infections and supports kidney function.

  • Reduce your intake of caffeinated drinks such as strong coffee, black tea or cola drinks.

  • Avoid contact with people with infectious diseases leiden and do not travel to countries where dangerous infectious diseases such as cholera or malaria are prevalent.
  • Only be vaccinated if it is unavoidable.
    While passive vaccination with specific antibodies is allowed during pregnancy (e.g. influenza , poliomyelitis or tetanus), caution should be exercised when considering active vaccination with live vaccines.

The Federal Centre for Health Education (BzgA) has comprehensive information for parents-to-be and valuable tips for pregnancy on their website.  

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