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Cancer is a disease which frightens all of us. It is a common disease and can affect any of us. If discovered too late, cancerous growth can cause pain, suffering and even death. But this has a flip side: if the cancer is discovered in time, the chances of being cured are good in most cases.

Part of responsibly managing your own health is to have regular tests for early detection of cancers. Screening for cancer not only improves the chances of being cured, it also provides certainty and peace of mind when everything is fine.

Screening tests for early detection of cancer should be carried out once a year. It is recommended that women who are taking hormones (either as (über contraceptives or hormone replacement therapy during menopause) are screened every six months.

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We have prepared a complementary range of individual health services for optimal cancer screening.

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If you want, we can send you a reminder about your regular cancer screening test by SMS, email or letter.

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