Cancer prevention: List of benefits offered by government health fund providers

Government health fund providers have included the following services in early cancer detection:

Above 20 years of age

Medical history

Assessment (using speculum) of the cervix

Cell smear from the cervix – "Pap" test

Gynaecological examination (palpation)

Consultation and further explanation

Additional testing above 30 years of age

Palpation of the breasts and the associated lymph nodes

Additional testing above 45 years of age

Examination of the rectum

Additional testing above 50 years of age

Simple testing for blood in the stool (Haemoccult) – annually up to 55 years of age, then only every 2 years


Important note: Medical services provided for patients as part of the government health system must be " adequate, appropriate and cost effective". " The services must not go beyond what is necessary. Services that are not necessary cannot be claimed by the insured parties, cannot be performed by the service provider and cannot be authorised by the health insurance provider." (German Social Security Code V. Section 12)

As an independent health service provider we offer an additional range of services for patients who want comprehensive screening for early cancer detection using modern test methods. (IgeL)

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