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When is the first visit scheduled?

The first visit to a gynaecological clinic can be unpleasant for many girls and young women. They find it embarrassing to discuss intimate issues with a stranger. These feelings are understandable and are perfectly normal. That's why we take particular care with our young patients!

We respect your wishes. Please let us know when you make your appointment whether you would prefer to have a male or female gynaecologist examine you. In either case you can also be accompanied by a person you trust.

A gynaecological examination is not always absolutely necessary. If you don't have any physical symptoms you can also simply consult your gynaecologist – including if you are choosing a contraceptive.

An appointment is important for the following problems:

  • itching or burning in the vaginal area,
  • a strong smelling discharge ,
  • painful periods ,
  • if your period has stopped or you suspect you are pregnant .

What happens during the examination?

For the examination you sit on a gynaecological chair. Your legs should lie comfortably on the leg rests.

Speculum examination:
The doctor will first insert the speculum into the vagina. The cervix (the lower end of the uterus) can only be seen with the help of the speculum. Using a cotton swab, a sample of cells (a smear) is taken usually once or twice a year for examination beneath a microscope. This examination is done as part of cancer prevention and is not painful. If a patient is still a virgin, very small instruments are used.

Palpation examination:
A palpation examination is then carried out in which the doctor inserts a finger into the vagina to check the location of the uterus and the ovaries. This is necessary to detect whether particular diseases are present or if you are pregnant.

What are your rights?

There is no legal minimum age for prescribing the pill or even the 'morning after' pill. The pill is also available from 14 years of age under certain conditions.

The doctors and all staff at the clinic are obliged to keep patient details confidential. They are not allowed to pass on information about your concerns or your illness to other people (e.g. to your parents or your boyfriend).


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