Gold coil – Goldlily

The gold coil is one of the " newest " IUDs available. Externally it is the same as the conventional copper T. What is new is the core of pure gold inside the copper wire coil. The precious metal increases the durability of the copper and thus extends the time the coil can be used.

Mode of action:
The gold IUD has a comparable mode of action to other copper IUDs   It prevents implantation of the fertilised egg cell and reduces the mobility of the sperm. The hormonal balance is not affected and ovulation still occurs. The action of the copper ions is further enhanced by the gold core inside the copper wire coil

As with other coils, the gold coil is inserted via the vagina through the cervix into the uterus. A new application system means this can be done very gently and precisely. During the procedure, the woman may experience a pulling pain but this is generally well tolerated. If desired, we also insert the gold coil under  general anaesthetic.

Possible side effects and complications: 
Slight bleeding, lower abdominal pains at the start, heavier menstrual bleeding and spotting are possible. The gold coil rarely slips out of place .

Effectiveness:  Very high effectiveness with a Pearl-Index of 0.5– 0.9



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