Individual contraception advice

The range of contraceptive products available is large. Not every contraceptive is suitable for every person, however. For many women, it is not an easy task to find the right contraceptive. Our clinic will give you detailed information about the various contraceptive methods available.

Women looking for long-term birth control using an   intrauterine contraceptive can choose between various types of IUD. We are happy to answer all your questions and help you make your decision.

What is your preferred contraceptive?

Copper chain - IUP
Hormone spiral - IUS
Implanon - Hormone rod
Nuva Ring
3-month syringe
Evra plaster
Coitus interruptus
Diaphragma, Lea
Sterilisation Man
Sterilisation Women
Birth Control Computer
other Method
Gynefix copper chain
Gold spirale
no need
Woman's condom
we want to have a baby

The Gynefix copper coil is a newly developed non-hormonal intrauterine contraceptive. It is made up of a small flexible chain with 4   or 6 copper sleeves and is very well tolerated.


More about the Gynefix copper coil

The copper coil is the classic amongst intrauterine, non-hormonal contraceptives. It is made of a small, usually T-shaped or anchor-shaped plastic body that has a fine copper wire wound around it.


More about the copper coil


Gold coils are similar to the conventional copper T but contain a core of pure gold. This increases the durability of the copper and extends the time the coil can be used.

More about the Gold coil

The hormonal coil is made up of a small, flexible plastic T and contains   the hormone levonorgestrel. The hormonal coil (Mirena, Kyleena or Jaydess) thus combines the action of the coil with that of the mini-pill.  

More about the Hormonal coils


Hormonal contraceptives are very safe but affect the natural hormonal cycle. There is a wide range of hormonal contraceptives available.

More about
hormonal contraceptives

Those looking for an alternative or hormone-free contraceptive can get some new ideas through our IUD finder. The “Spiralomat” will help you with your decision.

More about
Spiralomat - IUD finder

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