Cancer precaution for private patients

A responsible approach to your own health includes regular examinations for early detection of cancer. The cancer screening should take place once a year. For women who take hormones (about contraceptives or hormone replacement drugs during menopause) is recommended a semi-annual survey.

Private health insurance cover the cost of comprehensive cancer care.
Take the chance! Early detection can save lives!

Our services in private cancer screening:

Gynecological examination with a cytological smear from the cervix (Pap test)

Thin-layer cytology ( improved cytological smear / Pap-test)

Ultrasound examination of the pelvic organs

Palpation of the breasts and the associated lymph nodes

Ultrasound examination of the breasts

Immunological stool test (from 45) 


Once all the examination results are available, you will receive a written report. You will also receive a reminder of your regular cancer prevention screening tests via our automatic recall  by letter, email or SMS.



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