Congratulations on becoming pregnant!

Pregnancy is a very special stage of life – a stage of upheaval, physical and mental changes, anticipation and wistful longings. It is also a time of uncertainty, questions and fears. This is normal and completely understandable.

We are happy to be able to support our pregnant patients throughout these important weeks and months and to help them enjoy a pregnancy without stress.

The focus of our practice is the attendance and care of mothers-to-be (Pregnancy Guidelines) as well as additional comprehensive antenatal ultrasound diagnostics.

Ultrasound examinations are carried out using modern ultrasound equipment with high resolution and 3D/4D technology.

Dr Deiters holds a DEGUM II qualification, which ensures the high quality of the special high-resolution diagnostic ultrasound for early detection of possible diseases or abnormalities in your child.


Stay informed about the course of your pregnancy using our interactive pregnancy calendar .


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Older mothers in particular are concerned that their child may have Down syndrome or trisomy 21.  Using the Down syndrome calculator you can determine your age risk.

More about Down syndrome

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Even if most pregnancies happily proceed without any problems, there are some diseases that can be dangerous for mother and child.

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infections and diseases

For optimal pregnancy care, we have compiled a comprehensive supplementary programme about the services offered by health insurers.

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antenatal diagnostics and examinations



Women who are expecting their first child have many questions about pregnancy. How can I do something good for me and my baby? What do I have to avoid? What can harm my child?

The most important
tips for pregnancy


With a personal user account you can access your ultrasound images online. You can look at, save, copy or email them at home on your PC, smartphone or tablet.

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ultrasound documentation via FetView

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