Antenatal diagnostics / examinations during pregnancy

Regular check-ups are important for the health of your baby and your well-being. All examinations that form part of antenatal care in accordance with the Pregnancy Guidelines are paid for by health insurers.

So that we can provide our patients with optimal care, including comprehensive antenatal diagnostics during pregnancy, in addition to the services covered by health insurers

Antenatal diagnostics:

Antenal DNA test / Trisomy blood test

Nuchal translucency scan / first trimester screening

Foetal abnormality screening/ high-resolution ultrasound (DEGUM II)

Foetal echocardiography / ultrasound examination of the foetal heart

Enhanced ultrasound examinations

Colour Doppler ultrasound

Extended pregnancy care / laboratory diagnostics

Toxoplasmosis test

Oral glucose tolerance test

Streptococci smear

3D/4D ultrasound



Gravidity PLUS: The complete package for our pregnant patients

We offer all independent services (apart from  3D/4D ultrasound ) with an ultrasound at each check-up in a cost-effective complete package.  You receive optimal care with the greatest safety throughout your whole pregnancy.

Information about all aspects of the antenatal diagnostics


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