In the Anästhesie-Praxisklinik, a joint medical practice, we carry out the following
outpatient procedures under regional and general anaesthesia  :

 Register for outpatient procedures on the following number: 0711 - 907 13 907


A curettage of the endometrium (lining of the uterus) – e.g., for diagnostic purposes or after a miscarriage – can be done as an outpatient procedure under general anaesthetic.

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Curettage (Abrasio)

In cases of repeated miscarriages, genetic diagnostics are recommended. With dilation and curettage in cases of spontaneous abortion we work closely with human geneticists to determine the cause of the miscarriage.

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Dilation and curettage for spontaneous abortion (miscarriage)
/ Genetic diagnostics


In special cases and at the patient's request, we insert a Gynefix copper chain, a hormone coil, or a copper or gold coil under a light general anaesthetic.

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insertion of a coil
under general anaesthetic

Sterilisation is an option for those women or couples who have completed their family. A surgical procedure for contraception is a permanent decision.

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Female sterilisation

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